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Real Estate development has shown significant growth in the last 3-4 years and prices have jumped enormously on an average in major cities.. Ahmedabad – the Mega City, being the prime Industrial and Business hub it has witnessed this growth as well. With rapid development of roads,bridges, infrastructure and civil amenities, it is now on path of being tagged the “METRO CITY”. But when compared to other METRO - MEGA cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Noida, Cochin etc. prices are still way below par here in and around Ahmedabad & affordable, and has the potential to increase.
As it is with all the growing cities, major thrust of development is towards the periphery of the city as there is no land for development within city. Ahmedabad too is revamping its city limits. Now the development cycle has reduced to 3 - 5 years what it was 15 – 20 years earlier. May be by the time you realized you missed the bus it would turn out that the location you were planning invest is now the “HEART OF CITY”. Especially where all the investment is happening; which is the Sanand, Changodar and Dholera areas. May be 3 - 5 - 7 years down the line your neighbor would be envious of the investment you made looking to the appreciating prices of residential plots. NEIGHBOURS ENVY OWNERS PRIDE !!!!
True to its name 'Little Jewels' today becomes the 'Big Asset' tomorrow.

WHO SHOULD INVEST in Little Jewels?
If you have secretly nurtured a dream of having your own piece of heaven in the serene lap of Mother Nature, Little Jewel is the place to invest in. It offers you a secure future with one time solid investment that has high potential to appreciate in the near future. It is also an ideal investment for the Gujarati diasporas spread worldwide. NRIs and NRGs who wish to remain connected to AAPNU GUJARAT, which is on way of writing a new economic growth story in history of INDIAN ECONOMY – GUJARAT – A GLOBAL BUSSINESS HUB..Their roots should invest in this. Little Jewel is a centrally located site and is at the center of the industrial & investment triangle - Ahmedabad (Changodar) – Nano (Sanand)& Dholera.
It is a fairly common Indian practice to invest either in Gold, Fixed Deposits, LIC Policies or the Stock Market for securing the future. Just stop and take a few moments to think, how appropriate are these practices in the current volatile market scenario? Have you really compared the Return on Investment (ROI) to investing in Land? In Fixed Deposits interest rates don't pay you absolute return if you compare it to inflation rate. The amount invested in LIC, ULIP for 15-20 years down the line will not be enough for your family to fulfill their needs. Gold, Silver & Stock Market has reaches their top And at this time entering in to this investment is not advisable because it will not doubled within three year time with lots of uncertainty and political hurdle. WHO SHOULD INVEST in Little Jewel? However, we still have large chunks of land bank at prime location. Only Land offers you enormous appreciation. The money invested in Land can be liquidated with appreciation which will have high fair market value from time to time. Land/ Real estate property prices have increased enormously; in many cases almost 500 - 1000 %. Land bought for mere Rs. 1 lac ten years back is worth Rs. One Crore in certain cases.
This is your golden chance to change your mode of investment and be in tune with the emerging world. IF NOT NOW, THEN IT WOULD BE NEVER .
Now you will find out why this quietly tucked away Tourism City is so special, Where your strategic investment money convert in to wealth. On path of top of the world

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